Our Story

Aveni Solutions

Aveni Solutions, our family business name, was launched in 2004 with the main business being a retail print, pack and ship store.


We purchased a franchise from PostNet and became the third PostNet store in the greater Jacksonville Florida market. This experience gave us an opportunity to sharpen some of our skills and develop a ton more. Being a retail entrepreneur is totally different than working in the corporate world.

After 8 years of retail we decided to close the store.  We continued working with the community on some business projects, many of which were for non-profits.  We have begun to eliminate that work as we are now more involved in caring of family members.


Closing Message

Now it is our time to close
It has been a great business
As everyone knows.
But as the growth in our economy slows
And the end of our lease arose
With much prayer and advise we chose
To close.

Now is the time to tend to my rose.
And then to change my clothes,
For off to the beach we shall go.
With sand and shells between our toes
And the smell of ocean in my nose
In my beach chair, I may doze!

We may become bums on the beach
As a figure of speech,
But we will not be out of reach.

You can reach us at…

The Rest of the Story

We closed the store on June 8th 2012. After that we did as we planned… played in the yard, played at the beach and then … played with the grandkids!

This website tells the story since then.  The one connecting element of the days of working in the store and the projects I work on today, is the leftover paper and envelope stock.  The day came to either donate it to a school or Goodwill or use it.  I decided to see if I could use it!  Hence I am now converting it to fun notecards that we all can use.  And yes, the inventory is getting to be more than we can personally use, so being a “retired retailer” I am working at selling it online.  This way I still get to be a nerd, but a crafty one this time!  Enjoy!